Saturday, January 11, 2014

Deer Gates (picture heavy)

I was stomping around the "woods" looking for seed donors for my guerrilla gardening (forestry) project when I ran across these two examples of deer gates inside Eaton Rapids city limits.  Pictures can be clicked on to see larger versions.

Boy's gate
 I was puzzled by the deer jumping over the fence here.  But then I figured out that bucks would struggle to squeeze through the hole in the fence shown below.  Note that the chain link fence on the gate in the left background detached from the frame.  That is where the deer are going through.

Also note the playground equipment.  I assume the deer and the kids are on different schedules.

Girl's gate
Close-up of the hole in the fence.  Note the broken wire on the left side of the hole.

It scratched off hair
More hair.  Hair was on both sides of fence, so it looks like they go both ways through fence.
The chain link fence stretches for a quarter mile. It is nominally 6' tall and it separates the school complex from the Church Camp.

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