Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chainsaws, Mixed Gas

Today was the first decent weather in nearly a week.  Windchill was around zero F.

I took a walk around Riverbend/Burchfield park.

Then I came back home, ate some lunch and did some chainsawing.  We have lived here for about twenty years and I have been planting trees steadily.  All of the trees were small when I planted them and were hit by deer browsing.  Consequently, many of them came up multi-stemmed.

Mostly Red Maple and one or two Black Locust

Part of my long term plan is to "release" oak, chestnut, walnut and other mast trees.  I will also prune any narrow forks out of the trees I leave.  In areas where there are no mast trees I trimmed out the multi-stems and leave just one good pole.  It leaves a heck of a mess.

Chainsaws use gas

More accurately, chainsaws use mixed gas.  Mixing gas is a necessary pain.

One of my flaws as a property manager is keeping track of "stuff".  I have more "stuff" than I have places to put it.

Today was my chance to use a field-expedient oil measure.

My chainsaw uses 40:1 mix.  A US gallon is 128 ounces.  That means I need just a scootch over 3 oz of 2-stroke oil.

According to a few standard formulas (volume of a cylinder = Height X Pi/4 X Diameter ^ 2)  and there are 0.55 oz in a cubic inch.

My tape measure tells me this pill bottle is 3" tall by 1.5" dia.

Looking around I see that we have a wealth of empty pill bottles.  I found one that is 3" high by 1.5" in diameter.  That calculates out to 2.9 oz.  So one of these plus about a quarter inch more should be about right.

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