Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sisterly Love

Belladonna sometimes gets a little bit impatient with Kubota.  He will hang onto the house phone (yes, we still have a land line) with a death grip.  You see, a friend might call him.

Eaton Rapids Public Schools has an automated calling system that informs families when school is cancelled.

Belladonna disappeared into her room.  Very shortly thereafter, the house phone rang.  Kubota picked it up on the first ring.  Then Kubota started singing and dancing with joy!  School had been called off AGAIN.

Mrs ERJ was a little bit curious.  "Did they give a reason?"

Kubota said, "Nope.  They just said school was cancelled for Wednesday, January 29."

About twenty minutes later the phone rang again.  The "Honeywell Lady" giveth and the "Honeywell Lady" taketh away.  Kubota was crestfallen.

And then Belladonna came out of her room.  She and Kubota are busy killing zombies in a video game.

How nice of her to give her sweet, little brother 20 minutes of joy.

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