Friday, January 24, 2014


Market performance week of Jan 20, 2014.  Picture from CNN.

The purpose of saving and investing is so you can sleep at night.  Those really steep cliffs you see are opening-bell declines when sell orders that accumulated overnight were transacted.

For stocks, ERJ favors Walnut, Birch Laminate, +25% Glass filled Poly Amide, and Equity Index funds. In that order.

ERJ is currently investing in acorns, pine seeds, elderberry cuttings, garden seeds, quality lubricants, tools and human capital.

Captain and I are planning a foray into the world of high finance with a stock IPO.  We intend to create a breed called the Brown Foghorn.  It is a cross between a White (Foghorn) Leghorn rooster and ISA Brown Hens.  Our stock offering will eat bugs and convert garbage to eggs.  Waste products are fertilizer, or with further processing, oxidizer for pyrotechnics.  Our management style is draconian, we behead under-performers.

This post is not intended as investment advice. Past results is not a guarantee of future performance.

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