Wednesday, December 15, 2021

T.A.C. 20 Year Retrospective


Five minute compilation of TAC's (Australia) most gut-wrenching commercials suggesting that drunk driving is a bad idea.

It is a little bit slow for the first two minutes but then it speeds up.

If one of your fellows has had a few too many at the Christmas party, find him a sober ride home.

If you have teenagers in your house, and you can get them to sit still for five minutes, it might be worth asking them to view this video.


  1. ERJ, my maternal uncle was stationed in Norway - from what I recall of the law there at that time (it may still be true) the first infraction seized your license for a year, the second for life.

  2. I have given this matter some scientific thought based on the logic now determined to be Settled Science by our new National Hero Dr. Fauci and have come to this most logical conclusion. As 40% of all traffic fatalities are caused by drunk drivers if we get the sober drivers off the roads we can reduce the fatality rate by 60%. Clearly everyone needs to get The Shot. Jim Beam, Bushmills, Seagrams or whoever can contribute the most to the FDA, NIHA and whatever politicians who look after our best interest. And of course children need it too so that they develop a need for periodic boosters in their chocolate milk. Now, just because more people will die now from the Shot doesn't mean that long term benefites don't outweigh the risks. After all it's a matter of working together for all of our good. It's Settled Science don'tcha know ---ken

  3. Needs to be required viewing to get or renew your license.

  4. Jesus.
    Should come with a warning...

  5. And wear your seat belt.

  6. Worth watching. Not easy, but worth it.


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