Sunday, December 19, 2021

Much ado about nothing

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 I had a short in the fence.

I ran across a blood-trail in the snow while trouble-shooting the fence. The deer had plowed through one of the paddock division fences. That was not the short but I figured it would be worth my time to track the deer, if only to keep my skills fresh.

I tracked it to where it left my property, about a quarter-mile from the road.

I back-tracked it to where it jumped the fence to enter my property. At first I thought it had ripped off a dew-claw (?) hopping over the fence.

Then I back-tracked it from where it entered my property to where it crossed the road. Since I still had blood, it was unlikely it had ripped off a dew-claw hopping over my fence.

I shook a cock pheasant out of some dense cover.

Nope, never found that deer. Probably a good thing. It was all alone and had big hooves. May have been a buck and buck season is over.

Fun time over, I walked the perimeter fence and found where a deer had crashed into the old woven-wire fence and pushed it into the hot wire.

Edited to add: I already have two deer for the season. I don't need the meat for the freezer. Mrs ERJ and I don't eat that much and most of the two animals I got went to two families that could use the meat.

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  1. Well, I'm old and reload.......I prefer having 500 loaded rounds set back, then having a 100 rounds of dedicated brass for a pistol that I shoot and reload until worn down or worn out.


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