Saturday, December 18, 2021

Do you suppose it has much recoil?



  1. Had my 1st gen since it was released. She's got over 1500 rounds through it. It's my EDC and I love it. I don't use the extended mag, which helps the rattle. After 7 or 8 mags at the range, I start to feel it. But a reasonable compromise for the little canon IMO.

  2. Helps if I looked at the image carefully...yikes

  3. Recoil don't count when you can now down the entire opposing team with one shot.

  4. Probably not much recoil. The shells look a little short. Also, prolly only 5 pellets per round. /s

  5. The backstory is that a new "member" on an outdoor forum started posting items in classified shortly after joining the forum.

    One of the forum members noticed that there is no shadow beneath the left side of the "paper" identifying the "10 Gauge Magnum" handgun.

    That suggests that the seller photoshopped a stock picture and was scamming. That is, selling merchandise he did not own and had never seen.

    Sorta like a billionaire selling Socialism.

    1. Interesting. And here I thought it was a law enforcement picture, showcasing their ignorance of what they are regulating.

  6. That'd be a 'tad' flippy to try to hold on to... Just sayin...


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