Friday, December 31, 2021

Reviewing ERJ predictions for 2021

1.) Prediction: Joe Biden will serve as POTUS from January 20 through the remainder of 2021. 

2.) Prediction: The GOP will retain control of the Senate.

3.) Prediction: Cities will burn in July and August

4.) Prediction: Prices will get crazy in very unpredictable ways.

5.) Prediction: People will stop donating to the Democratic party.

6.) Prediction: Former President Obama will start to sound reasonable

7.) Prediction: Melania Trump will be happy

8.) Prediction: Donald Trump become the boogeyman the press claims he was

9.) Prediction: Covid will remain a drag on the economy for the entire year

10.) Prediction: Somewhere, somebody will still have a free spirit and fill their part of the universe with joy.

11.) Prediction: There will be a resurgence of interest in revolvers and the .38 Special will regain popularity

12.) Prediction: Not only will our country continue to split apart, every individual will split into the PUBLIC person and the PRIVATE person.

I am ambivalent about how 5, 6, 7 and 8 turned out.

My guess is that 5 might be true. Charities that went "woke" lost donations. In spite of their public persona, most of the Dem donations are strong-armed out of organized labor and from true-believers.

Regarding 8, if your loyalties are with the Republican party than you might agree since Trump did not reliably and universally endorse EVERY Republican.


  1. I did buy a S&W 686 in 2021 (shoots 357 and 38s)!

  2. +1 on Number 12. The bifurcation of individuals and even how open people are willing to be about themselves has become very noticeable.

  3. 1. I am still surprised that Biden served all 8 years with NObama. Biden is currently an empty vessel that the current radical commie fascist democrats are running the plans through. If NObama were president today, with current conditions, his polling wouldn't be much better. I pray to God for a Red Wave in 2022 and take the House and Senate, but if the democrats want to dump Biden and advance Harris?????? NO FREAKING WAY !!! The real wildcard is Biden's health.
    2. God willing and we beat the margin of vote fraud
    3. Yes, the commie fascist democrats will bring out their storm troopers and raze cities. This time though, I think more Americans will not tolerate that. Also, depends on #4.
    4. Many people don't realize that we may be one natural disaster (or terrorist attack) away from near economic collapse.
    5. Just read something that the R's had only a slight lead on D's for fundraising. I think the unions and big money people will save the D's from economic issues, but the little guy will stop donating.
    6. Nope
    7. Define "happy"
    8. Not sure if baba yaga is good or bad here. If you mean Trump will destroy the democrats, then yes.
    9. "Never let a crisis go to waste" OMICRON will be soooooooooooooo bad, we will have to vote by email.
    10. I think that's me
    11. I have my 22's and 380, if I could afford another handgun, a 38 revolver would be super with me (still want a 9mm carbine)
    12. Not sure what can ever bring America back to America. Dan bongino has been discussing the private/public self for quite sometime in regards to China and their social credit system. God help us if we ever go to digital dollars.

    1. Forgot to add on #4
      2022 inflation will be epic (jimmy carter smiles)

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    1. #7 I hope so. The lady showed style and class for her four years at the White House.

    2. It was nice having a woman there again, especially such a dignified and classy one! While her husband rutted around like always, she was a bastion of civility, despite the way the press treated her.

    3. Totally agree. Melania has more class in her little finger than the current alleged first lady.


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