Friday, December 10, 2021

Looks like Justice found Smollett

All through the summer and fall BLM and various celebrities and political candidates were chanting "Justice for Jussie".

Well, he found it.

I am waiting to be invited to their celebrations.


  1. wait for the perjury charge

  2. Their "celebrations" will be coming to you. Stay away from crowds.

    And the media will memory hole the trial results as fast as possible. And some will continue to report it as they same way they did the day after it purportedly happened.

  3. Sentencing is in February and the story will appear on page 23 of the papers. I anticipate community service, a written apology and a fine that won't affect his bank balance very much.

    Good thing he didn't protest in D.C. in January.

  4. Granted his sentence hasn't been announced, but who wants to take the 'under' on the guy getting less than a slap on the wrists? Thought so...


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