Friday, December 31, 2021

Note to self...


There I was, pruning the pear trees when a branch whipped across my face and swept the eye-glasses off my face.


I walked away from the area where I assumed my glasses had been tossed. I went into the house and found an old pair of glasses with an old prescription.

Then I went out looking.

The glasses are plainly visible in this picture. They are behind the stepladder and framed by the steps and the brace side.

Can't see them?

Here is a close-up from five-feet up. It is from a slightly different angle for security reasons.

Still cannot see them?

Part of what made them hard to find is that they were not on the ground but had been caught by a grapevine about 8" above it.

It is amazing how things slightly closer or further away than our focal plane become invisible.

Note to self: Put a bit of orange tape on the temple of my glasses when pruning trees. Either that or wear brightly colored eyewear retainers (Croakies).


  1. Wait
    It's still 2021, I thought you were not using ladders?

    1. BUSTED!!!

      I am only going up a couple of steps. I am topping out the trees at 10' and I just cannot reach that high with the loppers.

      Honest, officer.

    2. Your tire idea seemed alot more dangerous.
      Ladders are good.

  2. Talk about hiding in plain sight! Wow...

  3. Always check for a partridge before you prune a pear tree. --ken

  4. I've had to search a couple of times like that when a branch swiped my glasses off while brush hogging. Fortunately, the glasses survived un-mowed both times.

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