Wednesday, December 22, 2021



Major, left side of photo
It was recently announced that the Bidens "fired" Major, their long time German Shepherd and replaced him with a photogenic puppy named "Commander".


Apparently Major did not poll well with core constituents so they kicked him to the curb and got a new puppy. For those who have not been paying attention, walking a puppy at the beach will get you more positive, female attention than driving a Corvette or owning a 50 foot yacht and Biden needs every bit of help he can get.

Honesty compels me to note that Major's propensity to bite Communists may have played a factor in his demotion.

The Bleg:

I think it is time for all good patriots and dog-lovers to come together and buy Major some toothpaste.

Just saying: Anybody else interested in kicking in a few bucks to help good, old Major get the taste of Communism out of his mouth?


  1. My Gawd I would like to have that dog ! Major is my kind of Shepherd and I have have had a dozen or so these last 70 years . The worst I ever had was wonderful. They can sense someone that needs bitten a mile away . I got a big bitch now that tends toward Woofie . Don't bark . Just bites . No warning . You need bit , you get bit .

  2. Major can lick his hiney for a fem minutes to improve on the taste left behind after biting a commie.

    1. Mark, I came here to ask:
      Q: Why do dogs bite commies, and we don't?
      A: We can't lick our hineys to get rid of the taste.


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