Thursday, December 9, 2021

No service, no pay

If people who do not have the "magic" number of vaccinations and boosters will be denied medical care, then why are they still paying for medical insurance?


  1. Curious about where you ran across something that stated this. I haven't read anything about proposed blanket denials (maybe I'm misinterpreting what you wrote). I HAVE read about a couple of proposed bills from Dem whackadoodles that are proposing no insurance coverage for hospital treatment of Covid for unvaccinated folks. Sure would alienate a BUNCH of potential voters. If I were betting man, my money would be on Covid turning into an even less lethal bunch of variants as time goes on. And then the politicos will turn to the next manufactured "OMG!" crisis because they will have lost traction with Covid as an issue that the electorate cares about. Right now, they're whipping the horse, but the horse seems to be flagging. (at least here in the US)

    1. I've seen this raised as a suggestion by some people on liberal media; I don't know anywhere in the US it's been put into practice.
      Unfortunately, it is the next logical step after charging unvaccinated higher insurance rates, and that IS happening in several jurisdictions in the US.

  2. ERJ, it raises (really) the same question about much of what we pay for - if my accident is not covered by my home insurance or auto insurance when I submit a claim and you have collected money all those years, why did I pay for it?

  3. Insurance companies don't make money by paying claims, they make money by denying claims. I heard a statement to that effect attributed to Warren Buffett, who made a great deal of money with insurance companies. That's why we pay for it - so the insurance company can use the fine print in the policy to deny your claim, or reduce it, and in the end a whole lot more folks paid into the insurance company's pot than were able to scrape money out.

  4. The Europeans just can't seem to shake old tyrannical impulses, but in the US each and every one of the mandates has failed the test in the courts. It won't be happening here, I don't think. If it were to happen, the markets would be the second test they face.

    Don't forget, resistance is like erosion. Eventually the water always wins.

  5. An illinois legislator is trying to get their insurance code amended to make you pay your own bill if hospitalized with covid if you are not vaxxed. I recently read an article that linked to another article where a lady was denied service at an actual hospital because of no vax. I cannot find it now to link.

  6. and a big problem is that hospitals are trying to diagnose everything from severe abdominal pain (friend) to ear infection ( daughter) as covid.


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