Monday, December 20, 2021



Joe Manchin, Senator from West Virginia
This man was elected by the citizens of West Virginia to represent the interests of the citizens of West Virginia.

They did NOT elect him to put hundreds-of-millions of dollars into the pockets of the Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein and Clinton crime-families.

They did not elect him to pursue energy policies that will put more hard-working West Virginians on the dole. 

West Virginians work with their hands and they know energy. They recognize energy policies that are based on magical-thinking rather than the Three Laws of Thermodynamics.

They did not elect him so illegal aliens can have access to better health and dental care than is available to them and their children.

Oversight can be supplied from 400 meters if it is not adequately supplied from D.C.

They did not elect him to pursue political fantasies that ignore history and ignore human nature. West Virginians had ample experience with robber barons who were law unto themselves. They want no part of that.

They did not elect him to give fifty-thousand dollars to every freeloading "college student" who pissed money down a rathole. 

West Virginians elected Joe Manchin to represent West Virginia.

And he did them proud.


  1. I certainly hope he does not cave, he is the only bulwark to the madness.

    1. He is the only bulwark remaining before the 400m oversight is invoked.

  2. Uh, you know he only voted "no" to save his job. If wasn't up for reelection he'd support it

    1. He voted for Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. That was not an election year for him.

    2. He knows his next race will be tight and he is prepping for it now.
      I wouldn't call him moral, but he is more responsive to his voters than many senators.

  3. I have to admit that I almost like the guy. I definitely appreciate him more than I used to. I just hate thinking that, at least for now, what's left of the Republic is in the care of one lone Democrat Senator.

  4. It is fascinating to me that he is demonstrating more backbone than most of the Red Party seems capable of.

  5. Well you just wait..this is his 15 min of fame and glory.
    Tomorrow is back to same oh, same oh
    sorry to sound so cynical, but have been bitten buy those dogs way too many times.

  6. He has his 15 minutes of fame but the party Rottweilers will have there day . He could care less . Those West By Gawd boys can hit a tin can from 500 yards on a windy day . Manchin is for his folk .

  7. He is playing hardball to negotiate for what he wants.
    He is a career politician.... A liar and a cheat who will steal little girls lollipops when he's not busy kissing babies.
    I hope you are right and I am wrong, but I've been around the Sun too many times to have real hope.

  8. HE co sponsored a "bipartisan" gun-grab bill with RINO (PA) PAT TOOMEY.

    Not a conservative at all.


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