Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Fine Art Tuesday


This is the first piece of Mike Sieve art I saw. I was taken by the attention to detail, from how the misty-light played on the moss to the antler shed in the foreground. I was also taken by the playful sense of humor. Is there a hunter alive who has NOT been busted from behind?

Unlike most artists featured on Fine Art Tuesday, Mike Sieve is still alive.

From his Bio at Wild Wings art gallery:

Some of Sieve’s greatest inspirations come from time spent with his children, Eric, Hannah and Heather, in their own back yard. The back yard, however, is a little atypical. Sieve lives on 40 acres of land in southern Minnesota which includes thousands of transplanted trees, a wildlife water hole, areas actively managed for wildlife with selective mowing and planting, bird houses, bird feeders and a game farm with deer and wild turkey. This dedication to conservation is apparent in other avenues as well. Sieve is a member of dozens of conservation organizations. He has assisted in raising millions of dollars for wildlife rehabilitation and habitat restoration through the design of over 20 conservation stamps and prints, donating original and limited edition artwork and working on other public relations efforts.

One of the disadvantages of oil painting and older technologies is that each layer of paint takes a long time to stabilize and that severely limits the number of works an artist can complete in his lifetime.

The newer technologies are much, much faster and allow the artist to transfer the images in his head to the canvas many times more quickly. That means a diligent and hard-working artist can produce vastly more works-of-art over the course of his lifetime.

These images are just a smattering of Mike's artwork. If you see something that resonates with you, consider going to one of the websites listed below and look at the rest of his work.

My intent in showing all of these images is to provide a cross-section of his work.

Mr Sieve graciously gave me permission to display these images. They are his intellectual property and he had no obligation to give that permission.

More of Mike's artwork can be seen HERE

If you want to buy your very own Mike Sieve painting, he sells through these two, on-line vendors:

Wild Wings

Art Barbarians Note: You will have to enter "Sieve" in the search box to pull up his paintings.


  1. Thanks for sharing, and continuing the tradition!

    1. You are welcome.

      It is a joy to do this when I can get permission from a living artist of Mike's stature to post some work.

  2. Impressive ! I actually felt a flinch getting out of that big bucks way running from the combine . Fine art is a very good investment . And "Stay Away From Crowds"!

  3. Getting my Wild Wings catalogs was something I enjoyed. We had good success at our annual auction selling prints from their portfolio.

  4. Those demonstrate some great talent. We appreciate you and the artist choosing to share them with us.

    And ERJ, thank you for continuing the Fine Art Tuesday feature that Remus did previously. It is a great tradition to continue.

  5. Started looking at some of his art and came across a black bear print, "Black Ghost", that looked very similar to a print I have hanging up. Walked over and looked. Yep, same artist, different print, but very similar subject, entitled "Northwoods Black". Looks exactly like the woods in western Washington where I lived for over 45 years. Finally had to flee to SW Idaho because of liberalism, taxes, and just increasing general insanity. And rain! I've seen enough of that for the rest of my life.

  6. Beautiful. The first picture of the turkey hunters and his game reminds me of my Dad, who loved to hunt turkey. With the exception that he always laughed a part of his anatomy off at all the cammo and "stuff" that hunters buy these days. He could sit still in the woods for hours, calling the big birds in. Never knew him not to fill his limit when he had time to go home (West Virginia) and hunt.

    Thanks for pulling that memory back up to the fore.

  7. Take a look at Robert Bateman's work too.

  8. I have seen Sieve's stuff for as long as l can remember. More of a commercial illustrator than a fine artist but his stuff is ok. He catered to the print market a lot via wild wings, etc.


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