Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Critiqueing "Babes with Boomsticks" (just for fun)

Now, to get the vile taste out of my mouth from the previous post...

A tactical training post

The shooter shows excellent use of cover. She is steadying her support hand with the brick wall. This also shows why we should practice shooting with our "off" or weak-side. A lefty would expose themselves shooting from their strong-side just as a righty would expose themselves when shooting from a doorway on the other side of the alleyway. 

The only real negative is that she is not using her ballistic eyewear. If she gets returning fire then glancing shots will generate chipped brick and concrete which can blind her...either temporarily or permanently.

She DOES have her finger on the trigger but maybe she has a target.

Even though there are ample trees to provide cover/concealment and she has a bipod she could be using, she is firing from off-hand. I cannot comment because she may have been moving when a fleeting shot at a target was offered.

The fact that her trailing foot is lifting suggests that she is moving toward a potential target (perhaps a downed "deer") and remains ready to fire another shot.

She has her finger on the trigger.

One reason to practice under conditions like this is to fine-tune equipment. For whatever reason, this weapon's scope has a great deal of eye-relief.

The positives are many. This shows proper use of a bipod. It shows the utility of a lower capacity magazine (they have their places in the shooting ecosystem). She using ear protection. She would be a very hard target to hit with return fire.

Negatives; she is not wearing eye protection. This position makes the shooter vulnerable to being flanked and really demands a couple of over-watch people to keep their heads on a swivel. Either that or pop a few rounds, reverse crawl out-out-of-sight and boogalue to the next shooting position.

You cannot win by trading casualties.

This photo is artistically beautiful. The shooter's silhouette is perfectly framed in the door opening.

Unfortunately, that perfect silhouette makes her vulnerable to shooters using aperture or ghost-ring sights. IF she had a clear shot from beside the door, the door would offer some protection from return fire and would bias the aperture sight's parallax toward the car door.

The distance from the car door also slows down shoot-and-scoot.

All criticisms are invalid if that is the only "shot" she has available.

No eye protection.

Her positioning suggests that there is a clay-bank or berm to her left offering some protection.

Appropriate footwear and the laces are tied. Her finger is NOT on the trigger.

The variation in the muscularity of her calves and thighs is puzzling but she appears to be capable of mobility.

A million thanks to Continuation by Other Means blog for providing these excellent photos.


  1. I think the last one was balancing herself with the toes/ball of her left foot which is where the muscle tension comes from.

  2. I realize that I'm a knuckle dragger, however, out in the rural zip codes, protective eye wear is not always instantly available for snap shots at a predator or varmint. Ear protection is tough enough. There is enough difficulty in grabbing a weapon from your tractor/truck, getting the doors open, tumbling out and finding some semblance of a steady rest for a timely response. [Much less waiting for some one to snap a picture of your misdeeds.]

    1. Point taken.

      However, the young lady in the first photo appeared to have enough time to change the lube in her differential case but not enough time to wash it off her belly.


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