Friday, December 3, 2021

"Shotgun" got his buck today


I offered to give him a loan if he wanted to have the head mounted.

"I thought about that" he said. "I've seen bigger ones out here and this one has a chip in one of his tines."

"So thanks for the offer but I think I will pass."

Shot at 7:36 AM. A 75 yard shot out of the Taj stand. He could see antlers and his cross-hairs and the rest is history.

For those of you who need a reminder, Shotgun is my fishing buddy and we had a standing date every Wednesday evening this past summer.

I am happier that he got it than if I had shot it myself. Shotgun puts in his time and passes up a lot of deer.


  1. Nice! A ten pointer ain't nothing to sneeze at. About how much meat will it end up with?

    1. I will let you know.

      It would have been more but this guy has been chasing the ladies since October 15.

  2. Nice buck! The rut out my way (Continental Divide Montana) didn't really start until mid-November.

  3. What rifle and load? Where did he hit, and did the deer go down DRT? Need details, so we can vicariously enjoy the hunt.

    1. This time-slot is traditionally muzzleloader/blackpowder season in Michigan.

      Eaton County's northeast corner is in a Chronic Wasting Disease hotspot and the powers-that-be determined that the deer needed extra help with social distancing so they opened up Eaton County (and several others) to any otherwise legal chambering, modern rifle/shotgun for the two-week muzzleloader season.

      Shotgun used his new, Mossberg Patriot chambered in .450 Bushmaster. He hit it in the exact, geographical center of the neck and it went toes-up on-the-spot.

      I think he was using factory ammo loaded with Hornday Flex-tip ammo.

      No tracking job for Shotgun this year.

  4. The buck I shot this year was the leanest I ever killed. He was chasing a little doe when he blundered by me. I think he'd been after the ladies for awhile.

  5. I see the chip in the 2nd photo, but to me, its minor and hardly noticed it. Maybe a European skull mount (skull cleaned and sawn through back to head to front jaw) mounted on a plaque would be appropriate. Those mounts aren't nearly as expensive as a shoulder mount with fur on a synthetic form.

    I'm glad your friend collected this. We are in middle of our south Texas deer season, with rut scheduled to begin very soon.


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