Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Road Trip!!!

At the risk of being a mindless echo, I want to repeat what Arthur Sido said over at Dissident Thoughts, this is a good great time to pick up a firearm or two.

Ammo is still hard to come by but the prices on some highly desirable firearms are currently very attractive. There is no guarantee that prices or availability will be nearly as good in May of 2022.

For instance, one of my favorite not-quite-local stores that carry this kind of merchandise advertised Glock 19, Gen-5 in the neighborhood of $540. It comes with three magazines. They are also advertising Masada 9mm handguns for $430.

More to the point, they had inventory in stock at this price.

Needless to say Shotgun and I made a road-trip to Grand Rapids to verify this was true. They did.

We also discovered that they do not sell Tannerite* to non-binary customers.

Other stores were also blessed with our presence.

You can click on the picture to embiggen if you want to read the tags.

Shotgun grew up in Grand Rapids and knows a few places where good meat can be purchased.

Then, we swung by Bob's Gun Shop in Hastings on the way back home.

One of the old geezers recognized me when I walked in. "Weren't you looking for primers the last time you came here?" That had to have been at least three months ago.

"Yeah, why?" I asked.

"We have them in stock." he replied.

Limit 500. They were a little spendy at $10 a hundred but they were still far cheaper than loaded ammo. Commodity, 115gr FMJ 9mm Luger was available for forty-five cents a round. Bob's also had limits on how much ammo could be purchased each day.

As long as I was buying small pistol primers I decided I could also pop for another pound of Hodgdon's CFE Pistol powder. (At a hypothetical five grains a load, a pound of powder is sufficient for 1400 loaded cartridges).

We dallied at Bob's longer than I intended. Shotgun saw a handgun he had lusted for during his misspent youth. Then life happened. The production of the gun was discontinued. The gun was new/old stock that had been excavated from the catacombs beneath Bob's.

NICS was slow and we waited. And waited. And waited.

Perhaps a lot of other people decided this was a very good time to purchase a firearm.

I kidded Shotgun that maybe he should have returned that library book last summer.

Eventually the approval came through.

It was a long but productive day.

*The package clearly states that Tannerite is a binary explosive.


  1. Immediately stole that joke, 10/10 dad gun joke.

  2. It's for sale in TN, in volume... Road trip!

  3. Seeing that cooler full of Ham Shanks reminded me to get one out to thaw for Christmas dinner. We usually have standing rib roast, but the wife decided she wanted a New England Boiled Dinner instead.


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