Thursday, December 16, 2021

Light blogging today

From Rocky Mountain Reloading:

We are sad to announce that, after several years of R&D, our attempts at a successful BMPDS (Ballistic Missile Parcel Delivery System) have failed.  Several municipalities complained that spent missile tubes landing in random locations were unsightly.  Portland Oregon claimed that the practice wasn't green, although we were able to land the majority of the spent tubes tested there within a two-block radius of a tax-payer subsidized recycling center.  We had hoped that local artists would appreciate the convenient delivery of sculpture art-material so proximate to their cardboard domiciles, but they failed to find imaginative uses for missile tubes without plagiarizing artisans from eastern Europe.  

On a more serious note:
Blogging will be light today due to family obligations. Sadly those obligations are not of the typical Christmas joy variety.

Mrs ERJ's Brother-in-Law (and mine too, I guess) slipped his mortal coil and we will be attending a celebration of his life.

They lived several states away and we saw them very rarely, but Tom was married to Mrs ERJ's sister and the three of them went through high school in close order march.

Tom was a straight-arrow kind of guy and had plenty of time to get his house in order. When you first got to know him you thought he was completely humorless. After a bit, you realized his humor was of the Lidocaine-coated, Fairbairn dagger variety. You didn't even know you had been touched until.... 

He will be missed.


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