Saturday, July 31, 2021

What a cluster-festival

I saw an article regarding vaccination rates on Daily Mail that was total gibberish.

I followed the links to the CDC page and saw that the article was almost a word-for-word cut-and-paste.

I didn't just look at the pretty charts. I downloaded their "data" and ran the math.


The premise of the article was that some demographic sub-groups are showing more "vaccine hesitancy" than others.

According to this table (and I could not replicate their numbers because I have no idea what denominator they used), less than 1% of people who identify as Native-American are "fully vaccinated". Authorities are baffled.

If you had been given Small-pox riddled blankets and then had your land stolen from you by "Authorities", would YOU trust them?

Blacks are listed as having 9% of them fully vaccinated. Again, authorities are baffled.

  • If your people had been allowed to die of Syphilis (Tuskegee Syphilis experiments....a Black University, no less) by doctors. 
  • If "Authorities" allowed the city of Flint (Black majority city) to marinate in water with lead levels high enough to cause brain damage. 
  • If the "Authorities" mandated that Covid-positive patients be placed in nursing homes where Black patients were in the majority, thereby resulting in a disproportionate impact on teh Black community. 
  • If "Authorities" could not be bothered to investigate Larry Nassar...a sexual predator who victimized one of the communities iconic athletes (Biles)....

Tell me with a straight face, why would YOU trust the authorities.

Oh, and these same authorities are juicing up Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory and the narrative that all bad outcomes are due to systemic racism and malice on the part of all White people.

Tell me, would YOU trust the authorities?

I don't know whether to laugh, curse or cry.


  1. And if they have done that to them they will do the same to us all. All they have done is lie about this whole manufactured crises form the beginning. To grab power they need a crises and to have a crises they need corpses and we all fill the bill. Hell No, I don't trust them either.---ken

  2. If you just presume everything the Democrat Media Network says is false, you'll be correct at least 99% of the time.
    The CDC has ZERO credibility

  3. You said it early on: The authorities are baffled.

    They can;t give us anything that makes sens, do, as my Dad said, "If you can't dazzle them, baffle them with Bullshit."

  4. The question is not why would they trust the government, the question is why would you? Those two groups average a little stupid, but they definitely aren't as foolish as the groups who have mostly taken the clotshots.

  5. Just like most of the CDC data, it doesn't pass the smell test...

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  7. The best result of the Covid scam has been to deepen distrust of the State, Media, Academia and Corporate Medicine.

    Reality is increasingly intruding in their fantasy world.