Monday, July 26, 2021

Mom update

A few readers who have my email asked how Mom was doing. I suspect a few other readers might also be curious.

I appreciate the respect everybody has shown for my privacy and my mom's privacy.

Mom still inhabits this plane of toil, tears, blood and sweat. 

Mom is in re-hab. A VERY rough estimate of how long she will be there is six-weeks based on the "Three days to recover what you lost while you were bed-ridden for one day."

She is still with us. She is very fearful of falling but the Occupational Therapist was very encouraging.

She cannot do much. Even sitting up is tiring. The low-sodium diet requirement somehow disappeared during the transfer.

She looked great. Morphine was not her friend. She was hurting and she struggled to hear people but she looked great. She looked even better sitting in a wheel-chair.

Inch-by-inch, row-by-row.....

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I'm surely not the only person wondering, and praying for you mother.