Friday, March 1, 2019


A certain young man I know was pursuing a new profession. It paid well and he got to sit down most of the time.

Another thing that recommends this profession was that it is counter-cyclical. Business becomes brisk when the economy went into the septic tank.

Perfect, right?

He was repo-ing cars and trucks.

His family wasn't too keen on the idea.

The young man was not known for his attention to detail. The person doing the "collection" was supposed to ensure mistakes were not made by matching Vehicle Identification Numbers before driving away with the property. The temptation was to make the snatch and boogie before the owner became aware.

The job is easier now than it used to be due to technology. The bank that commissions the repo sends the key-codes and GPS tracking information. Finding the general location of the vehicle is not hard, nor is there any need to hot-wire the job.

The last collection the young man did had the team tracking the property to a large city ninety miles away. The property was being driven and the team followed car into the parking lot of a grocery store.

The driver of the property-to-be-collected left the job running as he went into the store.

Our hero jumped into the running car. What could be easier?

He dumped it in gear and started driving it away when....

he heard children's voices from the back seat.

The dad came out of the store as our hero was attempting to repark the vehicle.

Things got loud.

The young man is no longer in the car repo business. It no longer seems like safe and easy money.


  1. Never easy, regardless of how 'easy' it's supposed to be...

  2. There was a repo show on Cable a few years back. People catch you in mid-repo get really mad ! Lean towards kickin your ass. Old NFO is on the right track. If a job is REALLY easy ( and safe) it wont pay. If it pays isn't really as easy as it looks. If it was easy and safe everyone would do it. Different yet similar example. Im a headhunter. Medical recruiter. Sounds easy right ?? Mainly computer and cell phone based. Ok, it's one tries to kick my butt . However, if it was easy the hospitals wouldn't need me. They call me to find staff they just cant find. The difference is The hospital HR dept can only spend very limited time looking for an employee. Yet...what if its a first assist for Open Hearts ?? They NEED someone good and soon. Well, I can spend hours even days ( even weeks if need be) searching to find that person they need. I know, sounds easy but...If it were truly easy ( and quick) they would do it themselves.

  3. It sounds to me like he didn't get very good training from his employers. I know some guys who have done repo work and there are a bunch of things you have to know and do right every time to be safe.
    Checking for kids or pets in the car is one of them.
    I've never heard of them snatching a car from a store parking lot; every story I've heard of is from a home and I'm sure there are hard learned reasons behind that.


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