Friday, March 8, 2019

The Malibu needs another set of brakes

Belladonna is home on spring break.

Belladonna will be changing her front brakes this afternoon after I come home from Mom and Dads.

She wants me around in an advisory capacity. She intends to do the wrench turning.

That will be a novel sensation.

Like many kids, she drives as if every foot of space between her and the vehicle in front of her is a personal insult, as if she was having to pay rent on the space.

The Grand Rapids metro area has about a million people living in it. Not a huge metro area but large enough to experience traffic congestion. Bella goes through a set of ceramic pads in the front about once a year.  This time she got busy and did not address the issue in a timely way. She now has metal-on-metal grinding so she undoubtedly needs new rotors.

I hope the sweat equity of having to change the brakes in cold weather will encourage her to lift her right foot off the gas pedal sooner rather than slam it on the brake pedal at the last millisecond.

Bonus picture showing variation in size and shape of black walnuts.


  1. save yourself grief, go buy a set of stripped bolt sockets for taking out the caliper slider bolts. I had two 2000's vintage Malibu's and the sockets are a life saver.

  2. Pretty Cool! Belladonna may be young, but is NOT a knucklehead. Hopefully she'll learn about following too closely by paying in cash and with sweat equity installing new brakes rather than learning the lesson the hard way.

  3. Should be 'educational', especially in the cold and banging knuckles on things... :-D

  4. Her dad raised her right! And since she'll have a frozen digit bonus to go with her sweat equity, she probably won't let it go that long again.

  5. Ha Ha! Brakes on Spring Break. Thank you for spelling those correctly. Many would have written about doing a "break job" or having a "muzzle break" on their rifle.

    Yes, I'm a spelling nazi. It's the one thing my english teachers were able to pound into my skull. There, their, they're. Your, you're. Stuff like that.

    I also know that one inserts magazines into their rifles and pistols, unless they're shooting a Garand, which uses clips.

    Yes, I can be annoying!

    And hey - Belladonna - you will save yourself a ton of money over the years doing your own brake jobs! It's a great skill to have.


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