Sunday, March 10, 2019

I had to chuckle

This class of lure is commonly known as "Jerk Bait". It was the first image posted in the response to the original poster. Cute!
I occasionally visit a forum called 24hourcampfire.

Like all forums, there are some folks who like to stir up conflict. They do that by posting threads that they know will provoke the majority of the readerships' buttons.

I was bored and popped open one such thread and was delighted to see how most of the commenters handled the person who was "trolling".

They went completely off-topic and started talking about fishing: Fishing lures, fish flies, creels, rods-and-reels...with many, many pictures.

Non-fisherman got into the act by contributing cartoons they found humorous, none of which were related to the original topic.

Other folks chose a different animal to express their sentiments toward the original poster.

In my opinion, it was done with grace and elegance. A tip of the hat to the readership of 24hourcampfire.

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  1. That is a darter aka Montauk darter. Technically not a jerk bait in my understanding but arcane trivia is seldom important when talking about jerk baits. Unless you are a collector, then it makes all the diff.


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