Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Staying frosty

Kubota announced his intention to open his bedroom window and open his door to the rest of the house.

Mrs ERJ, who pays the heating oil bill, calmly informed him that we could not afford to heat the outside. She said she would turn off the furnace if he pursued such foolishness.

He did.

She did.


  1. Why did Kubota do what he did?

    I recall my mother opening a bedroom window while the sheets were being washed, but the bedroom door always remained closed in the winter.

    Just thinking that maybe there was something positive in his idea.

    1. That is more than I want to go into on a public forum.

  2. As a young man on my own I quickly made the associations between my actions and the costs and consequences of them. The other thought that this brings to mind is my parents' rule - "Our house, our rules". "You don't have to live here." That led to me going to meet my Uncle Sam...

    Sounds like power struggle issues for Kubota, hang in there, whatever happens will be harder on you and Mrs JM than on Kubota, but he probably won't realize that for a few years. You've given him a good foundation, but He has to figure out how to put all the pieces together in his own way. Trust and pray.

  3. What Lori and DaveS said.

    The older I get, the smarter my parents are. My son told me something similar when he was here for Thanksgiving, that although he didn't think so when he was late teens-early twenties turns out I really did know what I was talking about.

    Which may be why, now, as he and DIL are getting ready to have their 1st kiddo, they are calling regularly and asking questions, and for advice, and actually taking it!!

  4. If Kubota were to sleep in his truck for a while, he could exercise full discretionary control over outside air, inside heat, and fuel costs. Just sayin'.

  5. (popcorn for both stories now)


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