Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Panthera leo atrox went extinct about 11,000 years ago. He was big. The largest specimens tipped the scales at a thousand pounds. Those estimates based on bones found in California.

El Chupacabra?

From outside of upper fang-to-outside of upper fang measured about five inches. Never having looked closely at lion dentition I was surprised to find that the teeth follow a straight line from fang-to-fang. In my mind's-eye I expected them to be rounded in the plan view.

I was curious, how hard would it be to make a tool that mimics a lion's dentition?
The short answer, not very hard especially if you were happy with mimicking just the top or the bottom bite mark. Just grind some intra-tooth margins and add canines.

Upper canines were typically five inches long with two inches protruding from the gums and an inch in diameter at the base. In cross-section they were not actually round being slightly larger fore/aft than side-to-side.

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