Sunday, March 31, 2019

Not yet

The water temperature where Silver Creek enters the Grand River was forty degrees. Probably a little early. As long as I was there I decided to drown some worms for an hour.
Still ice on some of the backwaters where it was shaded.

A very low tech setup. The buckets have about 4" of water in them for ballast. The poles have bells on them. It was raining while I fished.
The view of Silver Creek farther up-stream. This is just below a cemetery where two branches come together.

This is the south branch. The water tumbles out of the culvert and gouged out a nice pool.

If you can believe the forecast, the average of the daily high and low temps will be about 45 F for the next six days. That is not going to pull the water temperature up very quickly. There is probably not much point in trying again until April 7 or 8.
Later in the day I went to a book store. It seemed fitting that True Crime was next to Social Science in the aisle of oxymorons.

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