Thursday, March 7, 2019

Bella checks out a new hogleg

Bella checking out a new hogleg. She was shooting Federal ammo with 30 grain Speer TNT bullets. On paper the Hornady 45 grain Critical Defense ammo is the pick of the litter for defensive ammo.

One of Belladonna's friends brought over a hogleg for her to check out. It was a .22 Winchester Magnum single-action with 4.7" barrel.

She ran a cylinder to get a feel for the trigger. Four-of-five were into a hand size group at ten yards which is not bad considering the rear sight is a shallow groove in the top strap.

Bella was shooting across the berm, down into a pit. The houses in the background are more than a half mile distant.

A .22 Winchester Magnum will never be considered a premier, defensive handgun round but if it is the most you can shoot it beats the heck out of withering comments.

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