Saturday, March 2, 2019

Small victories

It has been a satisfying twenty-four hours.

I took on the task of bathing my dad. He is very patient with me as we figure out everything that needs to happen and in what order.

I got my truck back from the shop and the repair bill was only $60.

I got the pull cord on my chainsaw repaired. I am getting much faster at it.

I found a holster for a friend who has an oddball handgun:

I am not sure why this handgun has the added holes near the front of the slide. It is clear that this handgun has been carried a great deal. Look at the blueing rubbed off the back of the slide. That speaks of much walking.

Which I was told was this

Very large safety and slide lock controls.
Which this site claims is a CZ-75 clone. I was able to find some holsters for the CZ-75.

There, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Adding to the warm, golden glow is the fact that the Captain helped me install the wire for the grape trellis a little bit earlier this week and I am a happy guy.


  1. That IS an 'odd' one... glad it worked out!

  2. That is a good day!!

    Care tips:
    Bathing order: start at the top and work your way down. A hand held shower and a shower bench makes everything worlds easier. There are a bunch of different types of shower benches out there. One that comes out over the edge of the tub so the patient can just sit on it and swivel around putting feet in tub usually works well. Shave sitting an the toilet seat. Or use an electric razor. The good news is you get better with practice. :)

  3. Productive days are the best. Most days are like this video:

  4. KILINC 2000. Say it in a German voice, it's funnier that way.


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