Friday, March 29, 2019

Gang of ten run down and kill man in Brooklyn

Gang of ten chases down man in Brooklyn and kills him. Yes, they are sagging. No, they cannot run very fast because they need both hands to hold up their trousers.
Man is able to clear six foot fence. Barely. He pushed off the bush growing in the corner.
None of the three men chasing him were able to clear the fence.
This one tried but had neither the jumping ability or arm strength to make it happen.
This is probably the wrong moral to the story, but if you can run one 9 minute mile and clear a six foot fence without a ladder then you can probably leave most of these bozos behind.

The story changes drastically if you are with your wife, kids or grandkids. Then running is not an option. Then, hollowpoints, standard capacity magazines, high-center of mass hits and a good lawyer are your best option.

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