Monday, March 25, 2019

Taxes, Part II

Belladonna is not a happy girl.

She worked her butt off last year. She had income report forms from four different businesses.

The work at one business was episodic in nature and they did not withhold any taxes. They issued her a 1099-MISC.

Bella also got some scholarship money and received a 1098-T. No taxes were withheld from the scholarship money.

Bella is crying in her root beer. According the H&R Block software she owes about $500 in taxes between Michigan and Federal.

Welcome to adulthood, Bella.


  1. Ah. A newly minted Libertarian/Republican

    1. She was a conservative six years ago.

      Her best friend had a new Obama phone. Her best friend was distraught that Obama might not get re-elected. "We will lose our Medicaid and have to start paying."

      Bella rained on her parade, "Yah, and we would get to stop paying for your healthcare."

      ...and Obama phone (which was nicer than Bella's)


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