Monday, September 17, 2018

Stub 5.2: Contaminated Product

Nick Spada was not comfortable talking to the sketchy guy in the park. It all seemed too much like spy-vs-spy.

“The information you are asking for is expensive.” The man said. “And managing it as a project is even more expensive. Are you sure you have the bank-roll to swing it?”

“I am sure.” Spada said.

Marie Spirochete had given him the rough edge of her tongue when he reported his findings. He had reported that contamination was what kept everybody in the pharmaceutical industry awake at night. He told her about a simple incident with a burst filter that had shut down the factory for 72 hours and cost nearly seventy million Callors.

He expected to be patted on the head and given direction to dirty-up Azrael’s factories.

The ‘tune-up’ Spada was on the receiving end of convinced him that Aestral was to be thoroughly destroyed, not just inconvenienced or beaten into poverty.

The man’s proposal was simple. Contaminate Azrael products. Create evidence that suggested that Azrael had knowingly been shipping contaminated product for years. Ensure that the contaminated products killed dozens of high-profile people and then connect the dots so investigators could not help but track it back to Azrael’s facilities.

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