Friday, September 21, 2018

Double Standard

Image from Daily Mail Online, a paper out of the UK.  Article clearly mentions that the shooter is "transgender".
From CBS.  At no point is the shooter identified as anything other than a "temporary worker" or a "woman".
Seems like the American press leaps to identify LGBTELaMeNOP (pronounced L-G-B-T-L-a-MeN-O-P) people when they do anything perceived as positive.

And yet they cannot bring themselves to identify LGBTELaMeNOP when they do something that suggests they might have mental illness.


  1. So it was a genetic male who pulled the trigger in the rite aid shooting? Not a female as stated in all the news?

    1. It is hard to be sure.

      My GUESS is that it was a genetic male who had not started hormone "therapy" who pulled the trigger.


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