Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Avoid even the appearance of evil intent

Mrs ERJ and I were walking in downtown Lansing yesterday.

At one point we were walking on residential streets.  There was a couple in front of us who were not walking very fast.  I suggested we cross the street.

They crossed over in front of us.  I suggested that we take a cross street.

Mrs ERJ expressed concern that the couple might think we had crossed the street and taken the side street to avoid them because they were of a different race.  She was curious regarding my motives.

I told her that walking up behind somebody is stressful for the person being walked up on.  It triggers predator/prey hormones.

I have a strong preference that folks don't hover in my blind-spot when driving and I prefer that they not come up on me from behind if there are other options. I was extending a courtesy to the couple in front of us. The man could listen to his date with 100% of his attention rather than have to track our progress.

While my actions are covered by "Do unto others..." my motive at the time was to avoid even the appearance of evil intent.

It is something I learned handling farm animals, good seldom comes from needlessly stressing animals.  Easy does it.

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