Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Prolific commenters in on-line forums

This video is approximately one minute long but you get the idea after about twenty seconds

Man is a social animal.  Dogs are social animals.  It is well known that dogs establish territory and defend status by urinating on objects.  If they are like other male mammals, the higher they can mark the object, the higher the inferred status.

This pug is a fine example of most low-status, internet forum commenters.  Not only has it found a way to pee higher on the lamppost, but it produces urine in astonishing amounts.

Remember this video when you encounter a commenter spewing vitriol on your favorite forum.  It is a bottom-rung pooch trying to push his way up the ladder ass-end first.

The irony is as rich as a $13 slice of cheesecake:  Nothing trumpets the commenter's low status more loudly than their own efforts to increase it.  I suppose it is a blessing that they self-announce.

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  1. One of the 'many' reasons I've dropped off most forums...


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