Sunday, September 23, 2018

Knock, knock, knock at 3 in the morning

Knock, knock, knock.  "I need to talk to dad!"  It is Kubota's voice and he sounded agitated.  It was three in the morning.

I pulled on some clothes and join Kubota in the hallway just outside our bedroom.

The words tumbled out of his mouth. "I had an accident."

I look him over.  He appeared uninjured.

Duct tape, JB Weld, zip-ties or stove bolts. Take your pick.
"I hit a deer.  A buck." Kubota continued.  Out here there is no such thing as a generic "deer". That would be like a NASCAR fan failing to identify a Chevy or Ford or Dodge.

"I saw a doe cross the road so I slowed down." Kubota said.

I was thinking, good plan!

"Then I sped up..." Kubota said.

"...and the buck ran into the side of the truck." he finished.

I didn't know why he had to wake me at three in the morning. And then he enlightened me.

"I was driving your truck."

Maybe it is a good thing that I was still processing a little bit slowly.  Or maybe it is because I have been praying more, a side effect of spending more time with my elderly parents.

The words continued to gush out of Kubota's mouth. That was a little bit odd. Most of our conversations are monosyllabic.

"I ran out of gas over by Charlotte so I walked back home to pick up a gas can.  I used your truck to run to the gas station to buy some gas. I hit the deer on the way back to my truck."

Kubota has a copy of my key and my permission to use my truck for "emergencies".  He was shitting razor blades out of fear that I would not consider a vehicle abandoned beside the road enough of an emergency.

NO WORRIES!  How much damage can anybody do to a $1300 vehicle? Nobody was hurt. The buck ran off.

Heck, that is not damage. That is character!


  1. All the above is exactly as it happens at our house.

    #2 son hit a deer and did $20 worth of improvements to the Beater-Du-Jour.

    And I got exactly as irked as you did.

    We drive beaters BECAUSE we live in deer country. It's transportation, not a social / economic statement or badge.

    And all the cars on the road are used. Mine are just MORE used because I let somebody else take the depreciation hit and pay for full coverage insurance

  2. Deer whistles on the truck works wonders. Used to have to drive late at night were deer were rampant and an insurance adjuster suggested them and I have actually seen deer turn in the fields and bound the other way.

  3. Glad he stepped up, rather than letting you 'find' the damage in the morning! Good on him!

  4. Glad he was ok, if nervous, and, yes, deer are on the move this weekend as it was youth deer hunting weekend.
    And good on you for not chewing him a new one...prayer does help. Lol.

  5. Nothing makes a dent in the side of a car like a cow....ask me how I know!


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