Friday, September 28, 2018

Pre-Vetting: ERJ exclusive

Highly placed sources in the White House informed the ERJ blog of a new policy about to be implemented by the Trump Administration.

A "short list" of future Supreme Court nominations will be pre-vetted in the most intensive way imaginable to avoid future embarrassment. The DEEP intelligence check will not only focus on allegations with corroborating evidence but investigate with the full weight of the FBI all reports of misfeasance, nonfeasance, and malfeasance regardless of credibility.

The FBI provide written reports to the entire membership of the Senate's Judiciary committee as allegations are made and investigated so members will have ample time to assimilate the information.

Trump's short list for future Supreme Court Justice nominations includes:

Barrett, Amy Coney

Blackwell, Keith

Clinton, Hillary Rodham

Eid, Allison

Grant, Britt

Hardiman, Thomas

Kethledge, Raymond

Larsen, Joan     

Lee, Mike

Lee, Thomas

Moreno, Federico

Newsome, Kevin

Obama, Barack

Ryan, Margaret

Stras, David

Tymkovich, Timothy

Wyrick, Patrick 


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  1. Oh damn, Dr. Pepper burns when you snort it out the nose... :-)


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