Sunday, September 9, 2018

SJWs still shooting behind the duck

Actor Jim Carrey predicts fascism if Trump wins a second term.

Don't look now, Jim, but it is too late.

The German economy, like those of many other western nations, suffered the effects of the Great Depression with unemployment soaring around the Wall Street Crash of 1929.  -Wikipedia
 Or the Great Recession of 2008
The Nazis believed in war as the primary engine of human progress, and argued that the purpose of a country’s economy should be to enable that country to fight and win wars of expansion.

The Nazi government developed a partnership with leading German business interests, who supported the goals of the regime and its war effort in exchange for advantageous contracts, subsidies, and the suppression of the trade union movement.[10] Cartels and monopolies were encouraged at the expense of small businesses, even though the Nazis had received considerable electoral support from small business owners.
 Crony capitalism and regulatory fortresses, anybody?

Nazi Germany maintained a supply of slave labour, composed of prisoners and concentration camp inmates, which was greatly expanded after the beginning of World War II.
Would there be any arguments about enforcing immigration policy, as passed by Congress, if dinks didn't need cheap labor to mow their grass and haul their garbage and the Democrats didn't need to backfill the 13 million Democratic voters they aborted since Roe-v-Wade?

If I had to pick a date for when we became "fascist-NAZI" it would be October 11, 2002.  That is when the Senate approved the Second Iraq War by a vote of  77-23.  This is not a slam against the rank-and-file of the military.  You did your job.

Bush II and Obama were both complicit in this.  Bush by starting it based on Deep State supplied information and Obama by bungling the exit.

Take a knee, Jim, and the applause will continue.

Carrey is the teacher's pet. Teacher's pets believe that the favors and perks they receive are due to their inherent superiority when, in fact, they are being groomed to be finks or worse.

Sorry, Jim.  You just shot behind the duck. If you want to stop being a fascist-NAZI you will agitate for smaller, less intrusive government.  You can start by moving out of California...Utah or South Dakota would be good choices.


  1. I thought he'd moved to Canada...

  2. I thought Carrey was a Canadian by birth. When did he become a US citizen?


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