Thursday, September 6, 2018

Do a good deed daily...or try

I stopped to help a lady change a flat tire yesterday.

She was on her way to a job assignment and dressed in "nice" clothes.

The vehicle was two months old.  The lug nuts broke loose easily.  The jack was a snap to spin down and fit beneath the vehicle.

The problem was the soft ground.  According to my neighbor's rain gauge we have been blessed with four inches of rain in the last two weeks.

The base of the jack sank into the ground...and then the vehicle rolled backwards, toppling the jack.

By then, the driver had convinced the woman at her insurance company's call center that there really is a town in Michigan named "Charlotte".  The call center person had been arguing that "Charlotte" did not have an intersection called Packard-and-Stewart.

I shrugged.  The driver thanked me for trying and informed me that the insurance company had agreed to contact a wrecker.

Note to self:  Throw a short piece of 2-by-8 or small patch of stout plywood in the back of Mrs ERJ's van.

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