Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Allegations of sexual harassment

One of the people I worked with very closely up until about 1990 was just whacked with accusations of "sexual harassment."  What stings is that he is an unabashed Christian and the accusations were made very public.

I sent him an email of support and thought I might as well toss it on the blog.

Please know that you are in my prayers and in Mrs ERJ's prayers.

Having been "a boss" for twenty years I have great empathy for how difficult your situation is. I too have been investigated for a word too quickly said, a joke carried on fifteen seconds too long, exercising authority in ways that others took exception to.  It takes very little for somebody to feel victimized, especially in these time and when a power disparity exists between you and the other person.

Please remember that those who must exercise discernment regarding the sequence-of-events are frail and fallible humans.  Sadly, you might get a ruling that seems unjust.  But also remember that Peter was judged to have fallen many times...and yet he is the rock upon which our Church is built.

Whether you were guilty of sexual harassment or not is almost irrelevant to me.  Rather, I am concerned about your well-being and your ability to pick yourself up and renew your commitment to be a witness for Christ.
These times are good times to reflect and pray and study.

Blessings and prayers

Eaton Rapids Joe


  1. Truly sad, and it will only get worse I fear...

  2. Amen. Jesus is always there for us -- good times or bad, it doesn't matter. Having another friend for support just makes it better.


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