Monday, January 16, 2017

Song Dog Season

This is the time of year that coyotes breed.

It is also the time of year when they sing their hearts out.

It is raining tonight.  That is a relief to me.  It has been difficult to get the dogs into the house when the coyotes are lighting up the sky.

Their singing agitates the dogs, especially Herc, our Alpha dog.

He tears out of the kennel madder than hell, ready to kick anything and everything's ass each night the coyotes are singing.  He is not mindful of traffic when he is in that emotional state.

Barn cats
He got a "barn cat" the other day.  That is a factual statement.  I am not bragging.  And no, dead things do not give me a sexual rush even if an exalted authority like Steven King says it does.  That is something best described as "projection".

"Barn cat" is a generic term for feral cats, actual "barn" cats and drop-offs.

I no longer waste energy getting angry at people who drop off their cats.  They are beyond logic and other people's emotions.

One fellow I debated was moving up north and his new condominium did not allow cats.  He planned on  dropping off his six (yes, six) cats where the pavement ends.  His logic was, "They will all be put down if I take them to the pound.  At least some of them will make it if I drop them off 'out in the country'".

Well, no.  They won't.

Rather than atritting out his cats in the years before his move, he kept a full menagerie.  Because, you see, he loves cats.

Rather than finding homes for them, he was going to dump them.

Rather than finding lodging "up north" that would allow him to keep his cats he was going to make them my problem.

And he felt very noble about it.

The country is "full"
Everybody out here who wants a cat has three.

Those of us with kids and grand kids don't want to deal with your cat's crap in our sand box.  Nor do I want them to eat my chickens, pheasant, rabbits or song birds.

We have coyotes out here.  They see cats as a threat to their food base and summarily kill them.

We have angry dogs.

Some of us (not me) have aggressive tom cats.

In addition, there are raptors who think cats are delicious.

Then add in traffic and all of the diseases that cats are prone to.

Nope, "...some of the will..." NOT "...make it."  Man up.  Do the right thing.


  1. I had a feral cat who sometimes wandered by. Big thing it was too. Anything that got a few mice was welcome around. I was worried though it would go after my newly acquired chickens but that worry was put to rest when I looked out one day and saw a half dozen roosters escorting it out of the property. Real unhappy looking cat. Funny to watch and haven't seen the thing since.

  2. I learned how to shoot a rifle killing feral dogs and cats in East Texas... Damn those idjits to hell that dump the animals and run away!