Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Joy is having our innermost desires met

Image from HERE
Contentment is having our needs met.  Joy is having our innermost desires met.  There is a difference.  We can be unhappy with life and still have moments of joy.

Joy is having somebody scratch that itchy spot between your shoulder blades, the one spot you cannot reach. 
Hinge cut area
As noted earlier, the principal in the Landscaping for Wildlife project is a passionate deer hunter.  He is aware that not everybody shares his passion.  He also knows that he sometimes gets tunnel vision.  So he is working at finding ways to engage other stakeholders in his project.

It is a given that most of the "side cover" along the south edge of the hinge cut area will soon die.  It is elm and ash.  A forward thinking person would develop a succession plan to smooth that transition.  And therein lies an opportunity.
Image from HERE
The principal's wife and his sister-in-law are spectacular cooks.  For example, they don't just make "cookies".  They make meringue pinwheels dusted with powdered sugar and topped with glazed fruits.

The entire concoction is undoubtedly held together by magical Etruscan incantations uttered by vestals in the light of the full moon.  Regardless, they are delicious.

Image from Quizzle's Food Quest
They also make pesto to kill for.  Pesto requires basil and garlic, which both ladies are masters of growing, pine-nuts, oil and hard cheese.  Being able to serve pesto made with home-grown basil and garlic and "family estate grown" pine-nuts would be almost as cool as owning a quarter acre, private label, vineyard in Primitivo di Manduria....and a whole lot cheaper.

In addition, the principal's brother has an affinity for filberts.  Filberts, incidentally, can be pressed for oil.  It does not matter the brother might only pick two pounds every couple of years.  The idea captures his imagination and is tangible evidence that an entire universe exists outside his work cubical.  For him, filberts are a classic fantasy anchor.

Since it is much better to have your family as allies than foes,  a forward thinking person would plant nut pines and filberts if those species came close to meeting the need for side cover. 

Green circles are tentatively planned to be nut-pines and the orange circles are to be filberts.
It may never come to pass that the pine-nuts or filberts are harvested by humans.  But it scratches an itch and will bring joy to the other stakeholders.


  1. A major stakeholder that reaches out IS unusual! :-)

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