Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Day in the Woods (Hinge Cutting)

We did a trial run on hinge cutting.
No, Salamander, I am not climbing that tree.
It went slowly at first because we were taking the plan and fleshing it out with details.
One of the details was to move the south boundary of the hinge-cut area 25 feet to the north so it would not be visible from the road.
Sal and I have different personalities.  He is methodical and precise.  I am half-fast.  He has good great equipment.  Mine works...most some of the time. 

One key to getting along with people who are different than you are is to not argue with them.  So I let Sal drive our equipment out to the site in his tractor.  I am good that way.
We make a good team.

It is a provable fact that falling trees are attracted toward expensive equipment.  Here, I graciously allowed Sal to use my Poulan as the target.
The trees were dumped on the ground, vines and all.  The vines will knit these together and form a curtain that provides side cover....we hope.
Dead trees down "hinge" for doodly-squat so we figured out some field expedient methods to make-do.
A few photos of the hinge-cut
As seen from the field (and what folks driving down the road will see)
Looking north but inside the tree-line.  The cuts are at chin-high.
Looking from the west-toward-the-east.
Bonus pictures

This Red Fescue has been growing here for 30 years with no attention at all.
View from the bottom.

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