Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cheap whiskey report: Northern Lights Canadian Whisky

There are plenty of bloggers reviewing inexpensive tipple.  One of my favorite reviewers is Peanut Butter and Awesome.  You have to respect a man who has no shame in being a Detroit sports fan.

Northern Lights is one of the adult beverages that received favorable I decided to give it a try.

Hudson Bay blanket in the background for effect.
The test drink is not fancy.  One part hooch.  Three parts well water.  One ice cube.  A line is drawn on the side of the official test crucible to indicate the proper level for the fire water.

Incidentally, my well is about 260 feet deep.  Unlike the local "gravel" wells, my water is low in iron, very low in sulfur but high in lime.

I was surprised with I picked up "sweetness" on the sides and front of my tongue.  I was sure that Northern Lights had five-to-ten percent sugar.  Easy enough to test.
I am not sure Richard Lee intended for this tool to be used in this way.  About 6.4 ml of whiskey is exactly 100 grains.
Only 0.7 grains remained after dehydration.
The remnants tasted like caramel and tannin.  Darned if I know where that sweet taste came from.

That shows the importance of testing.

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