Monday, January 9, 2017

Landscaping for Wildlife, Overview Part I

A square forty acres.  440 yards (about 400 meters) on a side.  North is up.  "A" is the developed corner.  "B" and "C" are erodible and in grass.  "D" is erodible and wooded.  "F" is swampy.  "E" is tillable.  Red is high ground and green is low on those parcels with "rainbow shading".
I was recently invited to participate in an effort to manage a property to help make it more attractive to wildlife.

I jumped at the chance.

I walked the property today and took some pictures.

From the southwest corner looking into the property.
Corn is in "E".  Woods in background are in "D"

The west property line is just to the left (west) of the rock pile.  Again, corn is in "E" and trees are "D".

Looking east-southeast.  Evergreens are White Pines and along the west edge of "A".
 Photos from the northeast corner.

A deer trail into the property

Looking south from a slightly elevated position inside the northeast corner.  Area "B".  Area "C" is similar.  What is notable about this grassy meadow is the lack of cover for anything larger than a field mouse.

Looking west from the same elevation.
Looking west but zoomed in to look down, into the swamp.
Just north of the northeast corner.  I parked my truck at an old farmstead.  I took this photo from 60 yards a way with a boatload of magnification so I did not inadvertently make the White Oak (Q. alba) look any bigger than it is in reality.  That tree is a beautiful example of a large "savanna type" White Oak.
 More pictures in a later post.

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