Saturday, January 28, 2017

Filberts for Wildlife

Orange circles approximate where filbert (hazelnut) bushes will go in the hinge planting.
I took a census of filbert bushes.  I think I need between ten and thirty plants.  Ten if I graft over them.  Thirty if we practice mass selection and cull 2/3 of the bushes.

I hope there are at least ten filbert seedlings in here.
Seedlings marked with masking tape "flags".
Green circles are nut pines.
Excellent prices on Korean Nut Pines at Burnt Ridge Nursery.  The shipping is a bit stiff.   I bought ten of the small plugs to amortize the shipping over more units.  Korean Nut Pine is very similar to Eastern White Pine and can even be grafted using EWP as the rootstock.

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