Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Belladonna, this post is for you

I wonder if I can do more push-ups than Justin Bieber.  Whaddya think, Bella?

Oh, wait.  Here is a before Photoshop and after Photoshop

Overall they grew him by 14 pixels overall.  The calculated volume of his upper arms based on the increased biceps and triceps dimensions at the top-of-the-tiger shows almost 60% increase in muscle.

Dog pictures
Apologies for the blurriness.
Walk?  Did somebody say walk?  (this photo actually taken at the end of the walk...but I am sure they would be up for going again.

There was some kind of varmint underneath the collapsed barn.  I had to go back after the walk to rescue the little Boston Terrier.  I had to knock a hole through the roof with a pick-ax.

At least these guys would hold still.
Nice pose.  Crappy photo.
Image of German Shepherd is from WallpapersCraft

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