Friday, January 20, 2017

Collusion and Predatory Pricing

Red dots are positive Rabies tests on dogs in 2014.  Source

   Red dots are positive Rabies tests on Bats, by county for 2014. Source

ERJ:  "Hello, I want to bring my dog in for his legally mandated Rabies shot."

Receptionist:  "Great.  I have an opening on Monday at 9:00 AM"

ERJ:  "How much will the Rabies vaccination cost?"

Receptionist:  "The Rabies vaccination is $25."

ERJ:  "I called one of the other vets in town and they told me that they also have a mandatory "Wellness Check".

Receptionist:  "We do too."

ERJ:  "Is the Wellness Check included in the $25?

Receptionist:  "No, that is an additional $30."

ERJ:  "I don't want to pay for the Wellness Check."

Receptionist:  "It is for the dog's health.  The Wellness Check is mandatory."

ERJ:  "I will sign a release to not hold you accountable if there is a bad outcome."

Receptionist:  "It is mandatory."

ERJ:  "Is that you saying that or the doctor?  Can you go ask her?"

Receptionist:  "(Sigh) Give me a minute."

Receptionist: "The doctor says that the Wellness Check is mandatory."

Primary wildlife reservoirs for Rabies. Solid borders represent 5-year rabies virus variant aggregates for 2009 through 2014.  Cross-genus infections are rare.  Source
If they quote one price but you cannot back out the door with your dog until you pay them more than twice the quoted is that not predatory pricing?  Specifically, Bait-and-Switch

If every Veterinary Practice simultaneously switches to this pricing structure, then how is it not collusion?

I bet there is a trade organization or trade publication that "highlighted" a Veterinary Practice that beefed up its revenue by creating more billable events.  And of course, everybody thought that was a GREAT idea.

And it would be if it were possible to opt out.

But since it is not possible to opt out, it is an example of an entire industry colluding to engage in predatory pricing.  And they are backed up by the heavy hand of the law...there are grave consequences if you choose to not vaccinate your animals for Rabies by a licensed Vet.  You could do it yourself in front of a Notary Public and it will not count in the eyes of the law....the law states it must be a licensed Vet.

It really pisses me off! Rabies vaccine costs $2.40 a dose.

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  1. Move to a better state, or raise hell at your legislators. We can still buy rabies vaccine at the farmer's co-op for about $10 and a syringe for another dollar. The shot is given subcutaneously. Any fool can give a dog a shot. I've been doing it for years.