Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Overland Undersea

"Avocado coffee: This drink works so well because avocado and espresso have similar nutty flavor profiles. The creaminess of the avocado is lightened with the milk, so it’s not too thick, and the whole concoction is lightly sweetened with syrup (or condensed milk) so it smoothly eliminates the bitterness of the espresso."
One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is that I get leads on great websites.

Watching my back-trail is a habit I picked up while wandering the woods and swamps.  I do the same while blogging.

The Blogger platform makes some statistics available to the blogger.  Many bloggers watch the high runners.  I like looking at the thinnest slices of time so I can see the onesie-twosies. 

You, my readers, are a fascinating bunch of people.  You have a wide range of interests.  This blog post is about one of the more interesting websites I stumbled into this way.

Overland Undersea
Overland Undersea is a travel blog.  If you only read one blog post, I recommend that it be How to save money...

Let me excerpt a few bits

Eating is an important social ritual in our society, and sometimes you have to spend money going out to keep your social network intact...This is a necessary aspect of modern life, and this is spending that’s not quite food spending, and more social upkeep.
Food spending becomes unnecessary spending, poop spending, when you spend money on a meal at a restaurant that you could have easily prepared for yourself.  (That's right, Sally said "poop spending", it just becomes poop.)
Image from  Overland, Undersea
Young people especially are terrible at limiting food spending. Eating habits left over from college and a lack of proficiency in preparing basic meals mean that they resort to buying most of their meals out of convenience.

Image from Overland Undersea
Cutting down spending on food has been an important way that I’ve maximized my budget and not only paid off all of my student loan debt in less than two years, but put away more money in savings for my trip than I ever had in loan debt.
 It is heartening to see "kids" with their heads screwed on straight.

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