Saturday, May 2, 2015

Where is Harry Potter now?

Harry Potter is now about thirty.  I wonder what his employment opportunities were after graduating from Hogwarts.  The question is mildly of interest because children form their perceptions of the universe from a melange of pop-culture and first-hand experience.  The less first-hand experience, the more reliance on pop-culture.

The most salient jobs in the Harry Potter series involved Professors in schools and officials in Government agencies.

Somewhat less salient were shopkeepers, people of idle wealth, and grounds keepers, a bus driver and prison guards....lots and lots of prison guards.

It was a Socialist Utopia.

But what is Harry doing?

Do you recognize this man?

My guess is that he was shuffled through a series of foreign assignments, both as a political expediency to the government in power and to groom him for future assignments.

Then he will likely hold the post of "Head" in some organization that demands absolute trust and integrity.  Perhaps a post like Head of the Fed or the Head of Magical Money.

He will be thwarted by conflicting advice, the perverse nature of humans and by the machinations of other powerful actors.  He will be instructed to resign after a scandal that was outside of his control.

He will enter the wilderness

The wilderness will grant him a unique perspective where evil is not hidden behind a veil.  It will be fully in focus for him.  He will see patterns (carefully) hidden from those in power.

He will speak out and he will be dismissed as a crank.

Harry will pass the time smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, painting watercolors and writing his memoirs.

 When evil is fully rooted, it will move openly and rapidly.  The forces of good will be in disarray.

And Harry will have another job.


  1. Yep, Winston did pretty good, all things considered... And Harry? Good question.

  2. Yep, Winston did pretty good, all things considered... And Harry? Good question.