Monday, May 4, 2015

Potatoes in the ground

Six hundred feet of potatoes were planted today.

It is very pleasant out there.  The potato patch is downwind of a Siberian crabapple tree (Malus baccata) which has fragrant blossoms.

I even saw a few honey bees!


  1. I remember planting potatoes. My mother did a lot of experimenting with potato patches. Did you know you can plant potatoes in a barrel? Cut the top and bottom out of the barrel, and scratch the dirt underneath. Plant a half-dozen potatoes in that dirt, then put the barrel over it. When the greens come out good and strong, mulch over them. They'll come out again, mulchover them again. Rinse, lather repeat. When you've mulched all the way to the top of the barrel, let the greens come out one more time. When you knock the barrel over, it will be full of potatoes.

  2. I am doing pretty well planting them in a field. I am not inclined to mess with a winning game plan...but then I have a lot of property compared to some gardeners.

    One issue that I think I would have in Michigan is the issue of sunlight. Not much sun is going to make it to the bottom of that barrel. I would need to start with big, beefy seed potatoes.

    Since leaves need sun to photosynthesize, I am a bit skeptical that a system the limits sunlight to the plant (at least at the start of the season) will result in more yield per unit area....That might be different in the sun drenched South with your longer growing season and issues of too much heat.

    Thanks for commenting.